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13 November 2023:

In time for Christmas, the new CD "Journey To Ireland" is a 16 track album of wonderful Irish songs. I love it, and I hope you will too.

01 November 2023:

Really pleased with the new 20 track "Country" album titled "Something Old, Something New. As the title suggests, it's a mix of classic songs mixed with some new self-penned tracks. (All of my albums are also available as downloads from iTunes, Spotify etc.)


01 December 2022:

I have a new Sequence Dancing CD album out. A great 20 track CD made for dancers and listeners titled "Never Too Old To Dance",with everything from Sixties to Scottish and all points in between. You can listen to clips of all the tracks on my CD & DVD page.



01 October 2021:

I have just completed a new album, Scottish Accordion Gems 2, and I'm delighted to say it is now available on CD and will be available on all download platforms by 5th October. You can order the CD and listen to a preview clip of every track on the CD'S & DVD's page.



10 November 2020:

The new "Scottish CD "Going Home" is now available to order on the CD's / DVD's page and you can listen to samples from every track. It is also available on all download sites. 14 tracks including my own song "Isle Of Skye" which has really had fantastic feedback from listeners. Use this link to see my new video of the song filmed on and around The Isle Of Skye. Use the link below the CD cover to view the title track from the album "Going Home".


18 June 2020:

It's out now! Get your copy from the CD's & DVD's page.



11 June 2020:

The new DVD is being manufactured now. You can purchase it in advance of it's release by going to the CD's and DVD's page above.

25 May 2020:

I will be releasing a new DVD shortly. It should be out by the end of June. There is also a new CD titled "You've Got A Friend" and that will also be released in June. Watch this space for further details.


15 March 2020:

Due to the Covid19 virus emergency, all of my gigs are cancelled for the forseeable future. Hopefully, I'll be back up and running later in the year and as soon as I know I'll post the information here. In the meantime, I have posted some new live videos on YouTube. Type in "Ronnie Ross - Concert in the Hoose" in Youtube search..there are two there, and more to follow.


30 January 2020:

The new CD "Music In My Heart" is out now. 20 tracks and over an hour of music I am delighted with the way it has turned out. Go to the CD's and DVD's page to view the album and listen to clips from all of the tracks.



20 May 2019:

Terrific concert in Fetterangus, Aberdeen-shire. Really lovely crowd and the hall was packed.

24 March 2019:

I'm delighted to have finished recording a new CD for Maestro Records. It is a 20 track album and will suit both listeners and dancers. It will be available by Easter and can be purchased on the CD'S page soon.


1 February 2019:

I was given this article from the Press & Journal 12th January 2019 edition. It's by Robbie Shepherd and it's written in his native Doric dialect. It was lovely to get a wee mention (highlighted) about the New Years Eve entertainment at Highland Hotel, Strathpeffer. I'll be expecting the odd curtsey and bow now that I've been made a Prince!!

12 December 2018:

Regular venues for 2019 are as follows:

Mondays - Caledonian Hotel Fort William

Tuesdays - Dornoch Hotel

Wednesdays - Pitlochry Hydro Hotel

Thursdays Highland Hotel Strathpeffer ( except June, July,August,September, October)

Fridays - Highland Hotel Strathpeffer



10 July 2018:

I am delighted and grateful to "Box & Fiddle" magazine for a lovely revue of my cd "Scottish Accordion Gems".

7 June 2018:

My latest CD "Scottish Accordion Gems" is now available as a download from CD It will be available soon on i-Tunes, Amazon, Spotify etc. To purchase now, either as individual tracks, or the entire 17 track album, use the link below:


Amazon U.K.


20 April 2018:

I am delighted to announce that I have just completed a new CD of accordion music. The title is "Scottish Accordion Gems" and it is available now.


1 December 2017:

Here is a promotional video fro the new CD"It's Good To See You". Click on this link to view in Youtube:

25 November 2017:

The new CD "It's Good To See You" is now available. Go to the CD's & DVD's page to order it and to listen to the samples of each track. There are 15 tracks, all new recordings and I'm delighted with the way it has turned out.

25 November 2017:

Regular venues for 20I8:

Mondays: Caledonian Hotel Fort William - Wednesdays: Pitlochry Hydro Hotel

Thursdays and Fridays: Highland Hotel Strathpeffer


22 October 2017:

This picture was taken at The Highland Hotel, Strathpeffer by my son Nathan Ross. He is studying photography at college in Edinburgh and I'm very proud of the progress he's making.


21 August 2017:

I have recorded four new sequence dancing tracks for Maestro Records. You can listen to the samples and download the individual tracks at Maestro Direct website.

22 December 2016:

My latest CD for Maestro Records is set for release in January. It is a 22 track album titled "Enjoy Yourself", 21 vocal tracks and 1 instrumental. This is a sequence dancing album, however it is great for the non-dancer as a listening CD.



2 October 2016:

Played at a great event in Aberdeen and enjoyed working with Manson Grant and the dynamos band. Super bunch of guys.


30 June 2016:

Played at Tain Gala afternoon dance and later got the chance to meet up with Irish Country Queen Susan McCaan. She's a charming lady and a great singer.



17 January 2016:

Had the pleasure of working with one of my all time favourite singers last night, Geordie Jack. The former Colorado frontman was in sparkling form and I really enjoyed our night in Tain Town Hall.

12 December 2015:

The new DVD, "You're My Best Friend", is out NOW and can be purchased through the CD's and DVD's page on this website. Here is a link to the title track of the DVD on YouTube. Click on the picture to play:


2 December 2015:

The new DVD, "You're My Best Friend", is finally ready to be manufactured and the release date is set for Friday 11th December. It can be purchased through the CD's & DVD's page and I hope you will all enjoy it.


28 November 2015:

My hotel venues for 2016 are as follows: Mondays - Caledonian Hotel, Fort William Tuesdays - Pitlochry Hydro Hotel...... Wednesdays - Highland Hotel, Strathpeffer Thursdays - Dornoch Hotel........Fridays - Highland Hotel, Strathpeffer



8 September 2015:

I have begun filming a new DVD. This one will be a "Country" and "Easy Listening" DVD and will not feature the kilt. However, the scenery is still spectacular and I hope that you will love the music as well. If we get a spell of decent weather, I hope to have it complete and out for Christmas. Watch this space for further details.


8 August 2015:

Took time out to attend the wonderful Belladrum Tartan Heart music festival. What an eclectic mix of performers and bands. I took in amongst others,The Stranglers, Martha Reeves, Manran,and The Kaiser Chiefs.



30 July 2015:

I have been appearing on a number of TV programs on Sky TV recently including "Hot Country" on channel 266, Ireland West Music on 266, Susan And Malachi's Country on 191 and Irish Music Lounge on 191. The "Irish Music Lounge" is going to be featuring me over the coming weeks, so be sure to tune in if you can. It's on at various times every day, Monday to Friday


28 July 2015:

I have a new Facebook page "Ronnie Ross Entertainer" and you can follow all the latest news etc. by giving it a "like". Click on the link below to view the page and please click on "like" to follow me.

22 July 2015:

Maestro Records have released the latest sequence dancing CD titled, "It's A Beautiful Day". The CD has 22 tracks, 2 instrumental and 20 vocal, and has a great mix of songs including "country", "easy-listening, pop classics, latin etc. Here is a link to a YouTube video which will let you hear a clip of every track on the CD and the CD is available for purchase on the CD's & DVD's page of this site.

What A Beautiful Day link


22 January 2015:

I am delighted to hear that Andy Mack, host of "The Sounds Of Scotland" radio show on Bluewater Radio, Ontario, Canada, has announced his "song of the year" 2014 as being my track "I Wish You Joy (on this your wedding day)". This song is on my CD "Pure Country" and was written by my late father, Stewart Ross.If you click on the picture below of Andy Mack and I, you can listen to the segment of the show where he makes the announcement and plays the song.